The 'Organize a 5K Book' Is Now Available!
Organize a 5K is a comprehensive guide to organizing your own 5K run/walk, whether you’re preparing to put on your first fund-raising event or you’re perfecting your current process to boost efficiencies and participant experience.
The key to your success is preparation, and that’s what Organize a 5K is all about.
Learn how to:
  • Build the right leadership team
  • Choose a venue and route
  • Leverage volunteers.
  • Create the event’s brand
  • Market the event
  • Build a community around the event
  • Raise money through sponsorships
  • And much more!
About Scott
In 2013, Scott Cranfill and his running friends decided to organize their own monthly races to help them stay fit. The running club was named 'Half Marathon a Month club' and each month members gathered at a new route and laced up for the challenge of completing the distance.  Some, including Scott, completed a half marathon every month for five consecutive years, crazy! 
Scott was also the race organizer of his own half marathon/10K/5K event for many years hosting thousands of participants.  This involved a significant learning curve in working with government officials, volunteers, participants, sponsors, and charities to execute a successful event. 
The experience of managing small club runs to all aspects of a large scale event proved to be invaluable and lead to a desire to demystify the process and technology for other race organizers. So, Scott authored 'Organize a 5K' as a guide to others that want to raise awareness for their cause through running/walking events and invented a modern race timing technology to enable volunteers to time events so race organizers can reduce their race timing expense and raise more money.
Scott is the founder of KORGEO, a race organization service provider, based in Indianapolis. 
The KORGEO team believes that races have the power to a bring like-minded community together to promote physical health, raise money for charities, and bring awareness to great causes.