You Care Deeply About Your Cause.

It brings joy and hope to individuals, families and communities. But fund-raising is hard work.

Bake sales, auctions and dinners—you’ve considered them all and even tried a few. But you’re ready to switch gears, and a 5K run/walk is on your short list.


You’ve participated in fund-raising run/walks where the energy was high, participants had a great time, and the hosting organization deemed it a big success! Now it’s your turn to create a beautiful race experience.


Korgeo provides the education, products and services needed to organize the kind of race you and your organization will be proud to host. With a Korgeo plan to follow, you can execute successfully. With our secure online registration and timing software, you can act like a pro. Postcards, signs, bibs, technical tees and more help promote and impress.


Fund-raising with a 5K run/walk is easier than you think. You probably already have the energy and manpower to hold a successful fund-raiser for your cause. Korgeo gives you everything else you need to attract and entertain valuable supporters. Let’s go!

Three ways to start creating your beautiful race experience:

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