Add event registration and timing services to the products and services you offer. Our SaaS platform is "white labeled" with your brand and domain to provide customers your unique experience.
Event management companies, Race Directors, and promotional product companies are leaving money on the table if they are not adding event registration and race timing to their product and services offering.

A platform that works for you

A complete, intelligent solution that generates revenue for your business.

Event Registration

Your customers already use a race registration company.  These companies make money from the processing fees they charge your customers to process registrations.  With the KORGEO platform, you can provide this service to your customer base and collect that revenue...under your brand.

Race Timing

Race timing is essential for road race events of any distance to create the best experience for particpants.  Until now, event management companies and Race Directors had to purchase a RFID chip timing system (and hire staff to operate it) or hire professional race timing companies to provide the service; both are very expensive options that reduce the profitability of your event. In either case, these systems are complex and time consuming to set up. 

The KORGEO Timing system requires only a laptop computer and timing beacons...that's it. See how it works.

Are you an event management company or a race director? Save time and money with a modern race timing technology. Our patented technology is so simple and intuitive volunteers can time events.  

Are you a promotional products company? Add race timing alongside the race shirts, bibs, medals, etc. you already offer the road race community to grow existing events and acquire new customers.

Event Registration

The Portal includes an event management experience where your team can effortlessly create events and registration pages for your customers.

Management Portal

Key features:

  • Event Wizard – a step-by-step process for creating events that includes event information, distances (5K, 10K, Half), Fees, Discounts, and Age Groups
  • Event Dashboard – visual presentation of Registrations, Revenue, Donations, and Demographics
  • Participants – view participant details, manually register participants, upload participants
  • Reports – 14 reports providing detailed information about registrants, race day registrations, discounts, donations, Revenue, shirt count, and more
Mobile-ready race registration websites generate dynamically when events are created providing a rich experience for registrants. These websites offer a web presence for the event and a registration page.

Race Websites

Key features:

  • Event info – detailed event information including event description and sponsor logos
  • Payment – PCI compliance and risk management with end-to-end SSL encryption that ensures participant data is safe
  • Responsive – Mobile friendly design that automatically scales whether your participants are on a desktop, tablet, or mobile.
  • Paper form – Dynamically generated registration form that can be downloaded and printed

Race Results

Race timing results made fast and easy! Race results are automatically uploaded to a custom event results page directly from the Race Timing laptop.

Key features:

  • Automatically post race results every 15 minutes during event
  • Provide participants race results on site
  • Results categorized by Overall, M/F, and Age Group
  • Searchable results page works in conjunction with timing solution
  • Automatically formatted results for easy reading on mobile devices
  • Participants can have on-site access to their results with a simple results kiosk setup

Race Timing

Patented technology that combines intuitive timing software with Bluetooth beacons to create a simple yet powerful timing solution. It’s a modern race timing solution that empowers anyone to time race events.
Traditional timing systems (Jaguar, ChronoTrack,  IPICO, and MYLAPS) use passive RFID technology and require specialized equipment such as controllers, decoders, multiple antennas/mats, cables, power, and complex software that requires trained professionals to set up and operate.​

KORGEO Timing leverages active Bluetooth beacons (timing beacons) to track participants; this greatly simplifies the skill set and equipment needed...our solution consists of a laptop and timing beacons...that's it.

Key features:

  • Quick start –  volunteers download event information, event distances, and pre-registered participants from the cloud with a click of a button
  • Easy race preparation – assign race bibs and beacons to participants quickly and efficiently prior to race day.
  • Race day registration – add race day registrants expeditiously.  Multiple machines can be used simultaneously for larger events.
  • Timing – highly accurate, active timing beacons means everyone gets timed.

Each participant is assigned a timing beacon and race bib within the Race Timer application on the laptop. The timing beacons broadcast a unique ID over Bluetooth which is read by the Race Timer software to identify participants.

Once the race starts, the timing beacons are detected by the laptop and a start time is recorded for each participant. When the participant crosses the finish line the timing beacon is detected once again and a finish time is recorded for the participant.​